Need to book a plane, ground transportation or accommodation in another city? Our in -house travel consultant can help.  Gisele is an experienced traveler and has been in customer service for over 30 years.  Whatever your needs are regarding  travel, Gisele can  help you find the best service at the best price.  Contact  Gisele on- line , or if you are a guest at  Greystone Manor B&B she would be happy to come meet you  for a personal  consultation.

Gisele Glover
Outside Sales Representative
Tel.: (905) 933-6797

Pure Natural Health and Wellness 

Bring the balance back, with help from a holistic nutritionist. Achieving it means finding harmony between your physical and emotional energies. In addition to the energy our bodies get from food, we harness energy from systems within and outside ourselves that affect our physical and emotional wellbeing. Practitioners from PURE use a range of Energy balancing techniques to restore these systems, remove blockages, and bring the balance back, so you feel relaxed and revitalized.  Contact Sharlene at  and learn how a  certified health care practitioner can meet with you at Greystone Manor B&B in the comfort of your room and help you find Natural Health and Wellness.