Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre

In 1875 Archbishop Lynch of Toronto offered the Carmelite priests and brothers the Shrine Parish of Our Lady of Peace at Niagara Falls along with its mission stations, as well as 100 acres of property on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment with the idea that the Carmelites would hopefully develop a retreat ministry at their monastery. By 1897 a hospice was opened to pilgrims with the revolutionary idea for its day that the laity, as well as clergy, would come to Mount Carmel for a spiritual retreat.

Today the Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre welcomes people of faith who seek spiritual growth and personal enrichment. A variety of workshops, retreats and conferences are sponsored for people of faith seeking an environment of silence and solitude in which to pray and reflect. As a conference centre, the Carmelites host various religious and educational groups who seek a beautiful setting in which to learn and to grow.

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Distance from Greystone Manor:

4.0 km

Walking time:

52 minutes

Driving Time:

7 minutes


Cham Shan Buddhist Temple

The Ten Thousand Buddha Temple of Peace is a Mahagana Buddhist temple rising seven stories towards the heavens, while sitting on 3 peaceful acres. Dedicated to the furtherance of Buddhist principles, the structure is adorned with a variety of statues and paintings.The building is not only an example of Asian architecture but also functions as a place of worship. Services are held morning, midday, and afternoon, and visitors are asked to respect persons of faith paying reverence at Cham Shan.

Open to the public. Morning and evening services daily. Free guided tour of the 7 story Stupa on Saturdays and Sundays from June to October. Gift shop of Buddhist arts and crafts.

Free Admission!


Distance from Greystone Manor:

1.0 km

Walking time:

14 minutes

People Mover transit:

5 minutes