Welland Canal & Lock Museum

The St Lawrence River and the five Great Lakes constitute the greatest inland waterway in the world. From the Atlantic Ocean it extends 3700 kilometers (2300 miles) into the very heart of North America, forming a vital commercial shipping route. The only problem, a major obstacle called Niagara Falls prevents ships from sailing between Lakes Erie and Ontario. The solution: the Welland Canal, by-passing the Falls and lifting vessels over the Niagara Escarpment.

You won't get any closer to a Great Lakes ship unless you're a sailor yourself! See ships from around the world - UP CLOSE - as they navigate Lock 3 on their way through the St. Lawrence Seaway System. The Observation deck is always FREE. Step inside the Lock 3 centre for a fascinating look at the history and engineering behind the Canal that opened up North America's industrial heartland.

For more information visit their website:http://www.thoroldtourism.ca/canal.html

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Distance from Greystone Manor:

17.3 km

Driving time:

21 minutes